Hunt Adams
As an artist, I am fascinated by the sheer physicality of oil paint and its potential to unlock images.I paint by instinct, allowing raw impulse to guide the process. Starting with the human form, I distort and manipulate in an effort to suggest what it feels like to live as flesh and bone and to have experiences and emotions which can't be explained rationally. As it is not my intention to paint abstractions, I think of myself as a figurative painter. My paintings are suggestive of a deeply ordered chaos.Though chaos reigns supreme in the universe, order always finds a way of inserting itself and making its presence felt. Constantly subject to the forces of nature, my art is the one aspect of my life over which I am able to exert complete control. My work pulsates with energy, movement, and rhythm. I want my paintings to take on a life of their own. What may seem sensual to one might come across as violent to another. Recently, I have been questioning the accepted definition of painting by constructing three dimensional paintings. I am also interested in the idea that creation means destruction-one simply cannot create one thing without destroying another. I want to push the boundaries of art. I believe life, as well as good art, is about taking risks.